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Ski touring 🎿 - Azimut Ski Bike Mountain - www.azimut.ski

Ski touring 🎿

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Ski touring, what's it about?

Ski touring is hiking ! Well, not quite ! We attach seal skins under the skis - vegans, no worries, they are synthetic nowadays, you can for it - so we don't slide the wrong way, back down the mountain. Once we're up the, we pel off the skins to enjoy a thrilling off-piste ! Closer to nature, ski touring takes you far away from ski resorts and crowds, and enables you to enjoy the pleasure of being in a calm and outstanding environment.

Where're we heading for?

From the Ecrins to the Norwegian fjords via Georgia, it's your choice and options are endless !

We have selected top riding spots so you'll live the ultimate ski experience. All trips are concocted and tested by our team ! It can be a trip on the other side of the world, a beginnners' trips,  or high peaks... it's up to you !

Never done it before?

No worries, ski touring is not just reckless riders. Just trust us and you too can discover this awesome outdoor sport. Our guides are profesionnal and qualified to teach you techniques, help you learn to use new gear and take you to untouched wide open spaces. And all this in a relaxed atmosphere ! Caution, you might get addicted !

What gear is needed?

For ski touring you need adequate equipment. 

If you don't have the specific equipment for ski touring, don't worry, we have excellent gear you can rent ! It's preciously looked after by our team.

And then, what do we do?

As there’s more to our trips than just skiing we’ve selected some great places to stay, known as much for their hearty welcome as for the quality of their cuisine ! A trip with Azimut is an opportunity to meet new people who share your and our passion and lifestyle.


A group of friends, family or even a company ?

You wish to customize one of our trips, do a trip among yourselves at your convenience ?

Contact us so we can tailorize a great adventure together. Our trips are home made and we can easily adapt them.