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Freeride - Freerando 🚡

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Freeride and freerando skiing, what's it all about?

First of all, what exactly is the difference between freeride and freerando ? This may not be that obvious to all of you, so just let us explain !


Freeride skiing

Freeride skiing consists in skiing off piste and away from over groomed ski resort slopes. On freeride courses we use cable cars and descend off-piste.


Freerando skiing

Freerando is a mixture of freeride and ski touring since we use skins to climb and go a little further afield, off-piste. This enables us to find better conditions and possibly virgin snowfields to ski, far away from the crowd. Skins are an essential part of our gear on freeride and freerando trips.

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Gear-wise, what do I need?

It's best to avoid old generation skis for freeride skiing. Yes, even those vintage ones that you've hung up on your wall in your Val Thorens' chalet. Also forget about short and parabolic skis: if the salesman managed to flog off some of these, then he was most probably still a trainee (and ran away from the photocopier).

For freeride skiing, you should go for fat and straight skis allowing for better floatation (no, we did not say you're overweight). Your skis should have ski touring bindings so we can switch from ski to touring mode for climbs, our skins also contribute to our safety.


If you don't have the appropiate gear, we rent out anything you may need. We have great gear thanks to our partnership with Black Crows. We take the time to wax and sharpen ski edges so you'll be at your best to have a wonderful time ! All rented gear is handed over on the spot at the beginning of the trip, there's nothing to fret about !


Never done freeride skiing?

On our freeride beginner's courses we will take you to areas perfectly suitable to introduce you to this awesome activity. Nope, freeride skiing is not just about extreme cliff jumping and hitting 55° couloirs (we will not prevent you from doing so, but please remember your helmet to preserve your neurones).

If you know how to ski and have had enough of alpine skiing, queueing for cable cars, and are fed up of crowds and beginners skiing over the entire ski slope width, then we definitely have something for you ! Our mountain guides are pros and love their job and will make it a pleasure to have you discover freeride skiing at your own pace for maximum pleasure !


We're not just freeride pros!

It's our job and we guarantee freeride ski trips with top level quality and organisation ! However we're not merely satisfied with a trip netted together as well as your Grandma's roast pork (the one with baked potatoes). We love to work hard and play hard and always look forward to share good times. We don't just produce and sell trips, we want you to have a wonderful time on each of our trips ! 


A group of friends, family or even a company ?

You wish to customize one of our trips, do a trip among yourselves at your convenience ?

Contact us so we can tailorize a great adventure together. Our trips are home made and we can easily adapt them.