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Insurance - be covered !

Any trip with Azimut requires you to be insured for Civil Responsibility, repatriation, search and rescue. Insurance covering cancellation fees, sickness, travel accidents and interruption, and lost or theft of luggage, is strongly recommended.

Before booking a trip, it is your responsibility to check what is covered by your insurance. You may take out insurance with Azimut.

No modification can be done once insurance has been purchased. If you do not wish to take out our search and rescue insurance, please provide us with details of your own insurance and its provider.

Insurance Pricing:

  • Cancellation only : 4.5%
  • Repatriation only : 2.5 %
  • Multi-risk cancellation + Repatriation : 7%
  • Cancellation only + Flex Option : 7%
  • Multi-risk + Flex Option : 9.5%

Please find the details of each insurance here: