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Activities and Gear

Freeride skiing (or Freerando)

Freeride skiing (sometimes called freerando). We’ll take cable cars and ski lifts, but with skis that are equipped with skitouring binding and skins so that we can climb uphill and find breathtaking itineraries. Sometimes, climbs will be easy going - approx. 1/2 hr to 1 hr to search for great itineraries, snow and powder. Other times, we'll take skiers with some experience, who are hungry for more, discover the beauty of the mountains. The itineraries that we’ve picked out for you are real experiences; for their beauty as well as for the experience they offer. Of course; there are itineraries for all levels, but the most important thing is that you experience the pleasures of free-ride skiing, and with our expert guides you’ll learn to ski on all different kinds of terrain, become a more confident skier, and you'll definitely have the time of your life. For many skiers it's a gently way to discover ski touring and is also a good option for good alpine skiers or for ski touring ethousiasts to progress on downhill on all kinds of snow with the precious advice of our guides. Progress and you'll have even more fun.


Specific Freeride Ski Gear

To make the most of your free riding experience, you’ll need the right gear. Skis that are designed for free-riding tend to be slightly wider (waist width > 95 mm) than those used on more “conventional” terrain, so you can make the most of floating on powder and deep snow and breezing through those more difficult uphill passages like an expert. The skis will be fitted with bindings that will allow you to walk up steeper stretches with ski skins fixed to the skis. Once you’ve reached the top, we’ll put the bindings in downhill position, peal off the ski skins and we’re ready to go ! Just one more thing; given that the uphill passages are relatively short you’ll be able to get away with a pair of downhill ski boots if you don’t already have ski boots for freeride skiing (your ankle will be have more flexibilty going uphill), but, if you do, even better!

Your backpack should have ski carry frames for climbs.

Glacier itineraries require a harness. 

Avalanche safety & rescue packages will be provided (included in the price).

Goggles and helmets are recommended and we rent avalanche airbags adequate for this activity at an interesting rate.


Ski touring

Every day we’ll go for walks out in breathtaking nature: off the beaten track, far from the well known ski-stations and the noise.

Contemplation would be a good way to describe it: we’ll take the time to talk to each other as we walk up the mountain passes, head towards a clearing or reach the summet of a mountain. Before we descend we’ll make sure that the conditions are perfect so that we can all make the most out of it, and savour the long, snowy journey downhill. You can also look forward to delicious picnics (when the sun’s out they’re even better, but let’s face it, nothing beats a good bottle of red wine).

But, if you’re skiing skills aren’t up to scratch, no fear ! We’ve designed several trips that will help you to master the basic techniques that you’ll need when ski touring. Our "beginners" ski touring trips will give you the opportunity to progress with one of our expert instructors or mountain guide, and learn to ski on all types of snow as well as learning about security and safety on the mountain and in the snow. We'll prepare you for the breathtaking trips that you’ll be able to enjoy in the near future: you'll just have to ski, ski and ski - downhill and off piste. We have freeride skiing trips for beginners where you'll be able to learn the good techniques with an instructor on all kinds of snow whilst travelling in awesome places.


Specific ski touring gear

To make the most of this experience, you’ll need the right gear. Skis that are designed for ski touring tend to be lighter than those that are designed to be used both on and off piste. They are equipped with bindings specifically designed forski touring (either Diamir Vipecs or Low Techs) so that you’ll be able to walk up steeper passages with ski skins attached to your skis. However, when the snow texture gets hard, you’ll need to use ski crampons, that are specifically adapted to this type of terrain. Once the difficult sections are over and once we're uphill or up on the summit, all you need to do is peal of the skins, put the bindings and ski boots into “downhill” mode (trust us, it’s as easy as 1 2 3) and you’re back into business. The ski boots that are designed for this type of skiing are incredibly light and easy to wear, you’ll have good cuff mobility e and change the position of your bindings when you need to.

Make sure to bring a backpack that is designed to safely stow and carry skis as you may have to walk up some of the steeper passages. It’s worth noting that some of our itineraries on glaciers you will be requested to wear a harness that you can either bring with you or hire when you make your reservation, all prices include an avalanche detection device, a shovel and probe are all included in the price of the trip.

On more technical itineraries you'll also need a helmet, crampons and light ice axe to cross steep slopes on foot.


No Gear ? No Worries !

Whatever kind of skiing you fancy, let us know and we’ll bring all the gear you need to take part right from the get-go (please note: this excludes trips that involve flights). All you need to do is click on the «details» tab when making your reservation and you’ll be able to rent all gear you need. Then, we’ll take care of the rest - you can rely on us: we'll bring you the right gear at the right price so you can get the most out of your trip without breaking .


Ski to your heart’s content, but don’t forget the rest

As well as giving you an unforgettable skiing experience you’ll also get the opportunity to stay in some fantastic hotels hand selected by us. We’ve chosen them for their stunning surroundings, their warm welcome and of course their delicious meals. None of our trip ingredients rely on pot luck, we put in our best efforts and expertise to offer you the best trip that money can buy.