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Our Team, our agency, our DNA

Azimut is a small outfit, that has its base camp near Briançon - in the Hautes-Alpes - and prides itself on putting the human aspect of work first. We do our outmost to offer you the trip of a lifetime: our passion, our expertise and knowing the terrain like the back of our hand gives us the edge. More often than not we follow our instincts such as meeting people who share our passion and discovering their local must-ski spots. We work hard to make sure that all our trips connect with our passions: awesome skiing, great people, fantastic food and comfortable hotels.

We don't need an answering machine: our human scale enables us to answer all your questions. That said, we’re not all the time in the office as we may happen to be checking out the latest conditions, but we guarantee you that we’ll call you back ASAP.

Things don't necessarily go as planned, but we’ve got that covered too. We work very closely with our team of expert guides to make sure that, even when things don’t go as planned, everything runs smoothly. We listen to their expert advice and feedback to give you the best quality on trips that you’ll never forget. Progressing whilst having fun, such is our motto. No stress for summit targets just good vibes, good times. Your safety and security are always in the forefront of our minds!

Agency Staff

  • Michel Morère

    Michel Morère Partner and CEO

    After having biked around the world Michel worked for many different travel agencies. But it was a trip to the top of « La Grave » that would change everything and ignite his passion for all things mountainous. Extremely passionate and naturally sociable, and always positive Michel loves to throw himself into new projects, the crazier the better! He loves to spend his time searching for good company, good food and even better skiing. His passions: off-piste skiing, ski touring and mounting biking.

    His job: creating new trips, meeting and selecting guides and the general management of the agency (hence the grey hair). That said, you’ll often see him out on the slopes when snow starts to fall, meeting those who share his passion and making sure that everything is running smoothly.

  • Bénédicte Congès

    Bénédicte Congès Trips logistics

    As a child, Bénédicte dreamt of living in the mountains. A dream that came true almost ten years ago when she set off to live in the Hautes-Alpes and trained to become a qualified mountain tour guide.

    Her job:  from September until June she's the person dealing with everything that happens before and after trips and outings. She also takes care of the shop when Michel and Teddy go out to “check the snow conditions” (ski like madmen), and with her dainty hands she prepares the scrumptious picnics that you’ll have the pleasure to eat on our ski outings and trips. Since all this does not occupy 200% of her time, she also writes our monthly newsletters, that contain a lovely mix of indeed relevant information and suspicious jokes that even your grandfather wouldn’t tell. When summer comes she blows away the cobwebs in the Ecrins and works as a tour guide.

  • Muriel Singh

    Muriel Singh Logistics

    Half Alsatian, half Indian, a one-of-a-kind mix ! During her roaring years, Muriel made the most of two years of travelling around and about to discover places far away such as Australia, New Zealand and Asia ! Today she keeps on living life to the fullest on foot, on a split board or on a mountain bike... All means are good to have fun in the mountains !

    Her job: passionate about all outdoorsy things, she handles all trip logistics with the greatest care: before, between (bookings) and after trips and courses (customer follow-up), ...



  • Jonah Guibert

    Jonah Guibert

  • Tim Van Hoevelaken

    Tim Van Hoevelaken

Out in the mountains

  • Simon Cauty

    Simon Cauty Guide

    Having grown up in the Var, Simon found himself enthralled by the mountains at a young age. He realised he wanted to make a living from his passion and decided to become a guide. This lead to some great mountain climbs and experiences in the Alpes where he also discovered a passion for freeride skiing and ski touring but that's just for the pleasant atmosphere and good food. If you decide to come skiing in the winter or mountaineering in the summer with us, in the Alps or the Dolomites, look out for Simon, he’s always ready for a good time ! 


  • Stephane Monari

    Stephane Monari Security manager, guide coordinator & company associate

    “Momo” has always got his eyes peeled for a tasty new itinerary. Whether it be a stone’s throw away from his front door or on the other side of the world he’s always setting out to explore the most beautiful places around the world: from the Ecrins to Chilli, from Morocco to Greenland, from the Verdon to Japan wherever the skiing and climbing is good, Momo goes. Stéphane will be pleased to share unique moments on trips, different every season.

    His job: he’s in charge of making sure that our guides have all the information necessary to make your trip a truly great one. He manages the organisation of trips and itineraries and keeps an eye on the number of people taking part making sure itineraries are suitable, adapting them if necessary.

    He is also in charge of our guide team and trains them before the season starts according to Azimut specifications especially security-wise. And last but not least he's also involved in the company's management.


  • Romain Legrand

    Romain Legrand Guide

    Even though he’s from Paris, he’s quite alright, really (just kiddin'). He very quickly caught the extreme sports bug and discovered his passion for mountains in New Zealand. He’s since realised that there are indeed great mountains closer to home and therefore he set up camp near Briançon. He’d love to be your guide, whether it be on our doorstep or on the other side of the world.

  • Guillaume Mardon

    Guillaume Mardon Guide, security referent & coordinator - Northern Alps

    Guillaume Mardon, "El Guigui", has been a guide in Chamonix for ages. He coordinates our Mont Blanc ascents as well as other like the Dômes de Miage or the Gran Paradiso. A household name (or the arctic fox) in Chamonix, in the summer he metamorphoses into Shiva, able to deal with tons of things at the same with his six hands. Guigui is from Britanny, but we forgive him - we've just requested him to stop the kouign-amann on ascents, as sticky fingers could be dangerous. 

  • Damien Fontaine

    Damien Fontaine Guide

    No, Damien did not grow up in the mountains, he's actually from Paris (and not even from some acceptable place as Bleau). He has since learnt to become friendly (and even more so than Romain Legrand). He traded his career as a finance consultant to become someone more honest (though less than Michel Morere). Well, actually, he used to be into water sports as he grew up on the water, and needed years and years of wandering around (therefore he's quite litterate) to finally understand the gist of life (more so than Monty Python in any case). Nowadays he's dropped everything (or rather let go) to become a guide and as you may admit, this all sounds rather scary for a guide...

    As keen on huge powder runs as on monster descents, and all things skiing & climbing in general, at home or far away from homeland (#regionalautonomyhautesalpes), he will always pamper you so you'll just long to come back (and ultimately he's not really that litterate). So no probs, fellow skiers and climbers, even though it seems odd for Damien to be writing at the 3rd person, as if it were not him writing.



  • Elsa Salmon

    Elsa Salmon

  • Antoine Eydoux (dit Manouche)

    Antoine Eydoux (dit Manouche)

  • Cyril Cottaz

    Cyril Cottaz

  • Luc Millithaler

    Luc Millithaler Biking guide

  • Greg Sourbieu

    Greg Sourbieu Biking guide

  • Anthony Lemaire

    Anthony Lemaire Bike guide

  • Adrien Cardin

    Adrien Cardin

  • Pierre Grulois

    Pierre Grulois

  • Paul Icard

    Paul Icard

  • Alain Vignal

    Alain Vignal

  • Pierre Cunat

    Pierre Cunat

  • Lionel Bunge

    Lionel Bunge

And many more…