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Discovering E-Bike - Azimut Ski Bike Mountain - www.azimut.ski

Discovering E-Bike

To each his own rhythm! What's holding you back from spending a few delightful days with our little group? Our guide will take you for a walk in dreamy places, will pace your trip to land on this beautiful terrace, just in time for a Spritz or a cold beer? Come on, admit it, it speaks to you. So, no stress on this type of E bike trips, we ride on very easy tracks and paths, the mono-climber will advise you if you want to progress a little, but cool! No descent of steps, nothing which engages, that of the pleasure, the contemplation, the stages in memorable places, chosen. You pedal (not like a brute), you take the sun, you take advantage of a sympathetic group...you are happy...look for more, we understand each other!

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