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Freeride Skiing in Kirgistan

8 days from 2095 € per participant

Guaranteed departure from 5 people

Kirgistan Montagne Maximum altitude 3000 m Skill level : 2 Montagne Stamina level : 2



Friends, family or just colleagues at work ?

You wish to customize one of our trips, among friends and at your own convenience ? No problem, contact us so we can adapt a trip to suit you, right down to the last detail ! Our trips are tailor-made so giving you what you want is as easy as 123.

  • Price (VAT inc)
  • 2095€ per participant
  • 2095€ per participant

Day to day




Meeting and leaving

Meeting points

  • Bishkek Airport Manas International

    See on the map

    Meeting time: 5 am
    Leaving time: in the morning

Get together - practical information

Flights to purchase:

Return flight to Tehran, Iran

Due to price fluctuation, this freeride rando trip is sold without flights. However we can book your flights if you wish us to do so. Don't hesitate to contact us. Do not buy flights before we've confirmed your departure.

Only skiers, sorry no splitboard accepted

How technical does it get ? How fit should I be ?

Skill level 

You should be at ease with skiing on all types of snow. We ski at a good pace all day long. Slopes may include short steep sections. Skinning involved will be no more than 45 min to 1 hr per day. No previous ski touring experience is expected.


Stamina level

Good physical condition is required, skinning or short ascents on foot will not exceed 45 min per day. You should be prepared to ski all day long at a good pace.


« Good to know: If you haven't got the level required, the guide will be able to ask you to leave for the well-being of the rest of the group. If any doubt, please do not hesitate to ask us! »

Group size

5 to 10 participants

Only skiers, sorry no splitboard accepted


 AZIMUT certified mountain guide, travelling from France 


Bring a small day pack large enough to carry your personal belongings for the day such as extra layers, goggles, a few snacks, your picnic and security equipment.

Ski lifts

Ski lifts are included in this trip


The price includes

- Trip arrangements & organisation upon arrival

- Minibus and taxi transfers upon arrival at the airport on day 1 until day 9

- 6 nights in a hotel in the mountains on half-board basis

- 2 nights in a hotel in Tehran including breakfast

- Safety & rescue equipment training/reviewing

- Certified and expert mountain guide services (all his expenses are included: meals, accomodation, transportation, ski lift fares)

- Safety & rescue equipment sets are provided (tracking device, shovel and probe), if you don't have your own gear


The price does not include

- Flights to/from Iran

- Visa costs (€ 75)

- Transportation to/from the meeting point 

- Ski lift fares

- Equipment rental if required

- Your personal insurance

- Drinks (including those with meals at the hotel) and personal extras, and any other expenses not mentioned under the above section “the price includes”


A 30% deposit, as well as the insurance cost if you choose to subscribe the latter, is required to secure your booking. You will receive a reminder email 35 days prior to departure for the outstanding balance that is due latest 30 days prior to departure.


We strongly recommend you to be properly insured for the chosen activity. You should be covered for medical expenses, personal accident & liabilité, third party risks and rescue (helicopter), as well as trip cancellation or curtailment.

Repatriation and research insurance are mandatory when booking a trip with Azimut. We have a full range of Europ Assistance insurances on offer to suit the trip you select and the risks that it may incur. 



You will to have written proof in English that you are insured in case of repatriation, specifying that you're covered in Iran. Prior to departure you have to give us a copy of this certificate.

If you have subscribed the insurance we offer, we shall send you this certificate in English a few days after your booking. You will have to present this upon arrival at Tehran, Ispahan or Shiraz airports.


Tipping is no obligation. However participants usually hand round an envelope for those who wish to tip the guide.

Getting around

Local minibus and taxi.

Accommodation & meals

- Depending on the size of group, you may share a room with someone of the opposite sex

- Night in a hotel in Tehran, in a shared double, private bathroom and toilets. Bed sheets and towels are supplied. Depending on the group size, we may use triple rooms. We have selected a hotel close to Imam Khonemi square (Tehran city center), close to most points of interest.

- Single supplement: € 300 per person for the entire trip, depending on availability

- 3 or 4 star hotel in the mountains, half-board, in a shared double room. Bed sheets and towels supplied. Depending on the group size, we may use triple rooms. Breakfast and dinner are served in the hotel.

- Lunches are open: the group may choose where to have lunch. Cost is approx. 5 - 10 € for lunch in a ski resort.

Currency & cash

The local currency is the Iranian Rial but Iranians will almost always talk about Toman. 1 Toman = 10 Rials and 1 € = 40 000 Rials. Be prepared and brush up your mental arithmetics so you are sure you get the correct change back ! In case if doubt, just ask the price in Rials. Iranians are so friendly they will help you choose the correct bank notes to give !

IMPORTANT: credit cards are absolutely useless in Iran and withdrawal or making purchases with foreign credit or debit cards is impossible. Be sure to bring enough cash, you can change money as you go along.


Formalities - Visas - Vaccination - Traditions & practices

IMPORTANT for IRAN: you will be asked to fill in a form to obtain a visa upon arrival in an Iranian airport. To do this you will need a document written in English stating that you're insured in case of repatriation, and that you are covered in Iran.

If you have chosen to insure yourself via Azimut we’ll send you the necessary document a few days after you've made your booking. You will have to show it to the officials at the airport in Tehran, Ispahan or Shiraz.

A visa is mandatory, and if you’re a French citizen you can get your visa at the airport. To do this, you will need: 

  • Your passport (it must be valid 6 months after your return from Iran)
  • A document proving that you are insured in Iran, written in English
  • € 75 in cash
  • Patience as this procedure takes some time (from 45 minutes up to 1 hour)
  • If you have any doubts about this procedure or about the legislation for your nationality, please contact the Iranian consulate in Paris on + 33 01 40 69 79 60 (from 3pm onwards) or in your country. Please note that Azimut can not be held responsible for any visa that may be refused on personal grounds.


No Israeli stamp on passport

Film directors and journalists: please contact the Iranian consulate  



If you are a French, Belgian or Swiss citizen, your passport must be valid 6 months after returning from Iran. For all other nationalities: please contact your embassy or consulate before travelling.

Please note that if you are travelling with children they must have their own passport. A minor will not need official authorisation to leave the territory as long as he/she is travelling with his/her own passport.



No vaccines are obligatory, except for yellow fever for those who are coming from a country where yellow fever it is present.


Traditions & practices

Ladies - you will have to wear a veil in Iran. It's best to check out in a travel guide in order to avoid mistakes. Please also check out the Iranian dress code: your shirt or blouse must be 3/4 long and below your hips, you must wear long sleeves, no open nor low cut necks, long trousers.

Men - no shorts but t-shirts are ok. 



Although traffic may seem somewhat hectic, busy and chaotic in Iran, be reassured, they seem to have their highway code that indeed seems to work. When crossing the road watch the Iranians go about it and follow them, just remember not to run, even if you're in the middle of 6 lanes going two directions.



Phone, Wifi & Electricity

In case of emergency or delay, you can either contact your guide (his phone number will be provided before departure) or contact Azimut on: (+ 33) 04 92 23 07 24.

Please inform your friends and family with these details before departure.

Wifi is generally available in the hotels where we stay, however powercuts do occur.

Phone: the part of Iran that we will be visiting is generally well covered by telephone networks

Electricity: 220 volts, using the same kind of plugs as in France 


Equipment - clothing & gear

Make sure you wear bright colours, it's good for the soul and gives photos a funky edge !


Technical equipment (all in excellent condition)

- Freeride skis (or freeride rando skis) with touring bindings, ski skins, ski poles, ski boots. We advise you to opt for freeride skis on order to make the most of powdery descents and skiing on all types of snow

- Padded ski bag for transporting your skis

- 2 long slings to possibly attach your skis on a taxi's roof top during a transfer from the airport to the hotel and back

- Backpack: capacity of 30 liters

- Avalanche kit: transceiver, shovel and probe (please let us know if you have your own, if not we lend them for free)

Security advice: avalanche airbag backpacks are strongly recommended for your safety and security.

They help to stay on the surface in case of avalanche and minimize the risk of burial. Our guides all use airbags. We highly recommend you to opt for high quality and reliable gear. If you don't have an avalanche airbag we rent them out at a very competitive price.

If you don't have the adequate equipment for the trip, don’t worry and travel light: we rent out the required gear and hand it over at the start of the trip ! Our equipment  is relatively new (less than 3 year old) if not brand new, of good quality, adapted to your choice of activity and from the best brands (Black Crows, Fritschi, Arva, Haglöfs, Anena, Glisshop, Scott).

Prices of rental equipment during the entire trip (these competitive prices only take into account the number of days of the trip):


Full Pack (ski, boots, skins, ski-crampons, poles)

335 €

Skis (skis, skins, poles, ski-crampons)

295 €

Ski boots

125 €


40 €

Airbag Backpack

160 €


Clothes You can choose to rent equipment when booking your trip, or lateron by clicking on “my account”. If any of the equipment you’ve chosen is out of stock you’ll be notified and reimbursed.

This list of clothes is designed to give you an idea of clothes it may be a good to have with you. By no means do you need to have the latest brands or the latest gear, but if you need to renew your wardrobe, this guide would be a good start.



- Warm hat or buff/scarf

- Ski goggles (2 pairs) and sunglasses: UV factory 4 protective lenses. Photochromic glasses adapt to light intensity and are very useful

- Helmet (highly recommended




- Under layer: breathable long sleeved tops to maintain heat. A tip: merino wool is breathable and has anti-bacterial properties and is therefore less likely to smell as opposed to synthetic fabrics. Take this into consideration if you need to update your wardrobe.

- Middle layer: a light polar or synthetic jacket for an extra layer of heat during breaks

- Outer layer: a Gore-tex or similar type of jacket with a breathable waterproof membrane. Make sure it's lightweight and compact so it doesn't take up too much space in your backpack

- Bottom layer: trousers with a breathable waterproof membrane (Gore Tex or similar) with long side zips allowing air to flow, recommended on climbs

- Hands: light fleece or soft shell gloves, a pair of silk glove liners to go underneath, warm gloves with a breathable and waterproof membrane. Mittens are always a good idea for really cold days of for those of you who feel the cold !

- Swimming gear: it takes up such little space, it would be a shame not to bring it just in case. Avoid swimming shorts or bermudas, they are not usually allowed.



- Ski socks: merino wool socks are breathable and have anti-bacterial properties and are less likely to smell as opposed to those made of synthetic fabrics. Think about them if you need to stock up.

- Slippers recommended for evening wear. Try charentaises they’re really comfortable ! 


Odds & ends

  • a 1 litre flask (Thermos or Camelback)
  • a pocket knife
  • duck tape
  • factor 50 sun cream
  • a duffle bag holding up to 90 litres to leave at the hotel or in the vehicle. No suitcases.



Toiletries and first aid kit

- Personal toilet bag

Need to buy some gear ?

If you book a trip with Azimut, you'll get a 10% discount code on your confirmation page that you can use at our friends Glisshop.

Just go straight to glisshop.com ! Established in 1996, our partner stands as a leader for online winter sports equipment. Based in the centre of the volcanoes of Auvergne (France), they help every passionate skier and powder addict to find the gear they need by offering a huge and unique choice of clothing and gear available throughout Europe.

With close to 250 brands and 10 000 items for sale, Glisshop simply is the ideal partner to equip you from head to toe whathever activity may be your preference.

In partnership with

Our guides use the following brands for their gear and you'll have the opportunity to test them during the trip:

Black Crows


Fitschi swiss bindigs 





Terres d'Aventure


And last but not least...

Don't forget to

- Leave contact details with your friends and family

- Bring your papers and I.D. (passport and visa if necessary)

- Bring your contract number and documents related to your insurance (if you've chosen not to have insure coverage with us)

- Bring your “carte vitale” and your European health card (EU member states) - if you don't have one you can order one for free online  www.ameli.fr

- Check that you have the right equipment

- Take spare batteries and a charger for your electronic devices (camera, video recorder, tracking devices etc)

- Bring some cash and your credit card

- Bring a delicacy from your home country or area to share with the group

- Leave in a good frame of mind: we're going to have a great time even if we may not happen to not make it to the summit !

- Before leaving: water the plants, empty the rubbish bin, turn off the water and gas, and tell your partner that you're going to have a good time (not by text message), that you well deserved... If you don't follow the latter recommendation, you'll most probably kick yourself when you get back !



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