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Fearless Biking - Azimut Ski Bike Mountain - www.azimut.ski

Fearless Biking

Everything been said, we're not here to mess around !

This is a selection of trips and courses designed for mountain bikers looking for some good days' mountain biking in a great atmosphere.

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What's the programme ?

We set off in the morning with the minibus or skilift to reach the highest point to enjoy a good descent on the best trails ! According to levels, we offer at most a ratio of 1/3 uphill for at least 2/3 downhill, with even some days 100 % downhill. In for some epic rides ?


Aim of enduro courses 

Make the uttermost of areas unknown by the crowds and selected by pros of this field (that is us) ! We take you to discover our secret areas. We ride year round, so no need to worry about the quality !


Any post ride rituals ?

Since you'll be worn out (that's our aim in any ways), we've found great top comfort accomodation ! And we don't mess about with post ride drinks and meals ! We look after you with the greatest care !

So if you love enduro and you're looking for a trip that suits you, we have it.


A group of friends ? Family ? Colleagues ?

You wish to customize one of our trips, go on a trip among yourselves at your own convenience ?

Contact us and we will tailorize a great adventure together. Our trips are home made and we can easily adapt them.


They have teste for you:

Pierre - a great week !

Sylvain - Good guide and great atmosphere.

Samuel - Superb experience and superb organisation !




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