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Mountaineering ⛏️ - Azimut Ski Bike Mountain - www.azimut.ski

Mountaineering ⛏️

Whether you're a complete novice or an expert, all our trips high up are an unforgettable and unique experience ! Our all inclusive  trips for all levels will for sure take your breath away. We have something to offer for all of you, even if you've never been any higher up than Scafell Pike!

We are professionals and our trips are perfectly well prepared and organised so you can just have fun and a good time. On all our trips, our minibuses will transfer you to the different sites of the course. We take care of every detail!

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Mountaineering, what's it all about ?

Mountaineering is an outdoor sport that will enable you to climb mountains and take you to high altitudes. You may climb the  Mont Blanc glaciers and why not the Everest. Though we recommend you to start with a training course !

Whereabouts ?

We've selected the most interesting mountaineering itineraries for unique and unforgettable experiences ! We have training courses and trips to suit all levels: from beginners to experts. Our suggestions are:

  • Climbing up the most beautiful summits: Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa, ...
  • Training courses in Chamonix...  If you're a beginner, these courses are the perfect way to learn the basics of mountaineering: using crampons and ice axe, rope work, belaying, ... Our guides will enable you to progress safely, at your pace in a relaxed atmosphere ! No stress, just have a good time !

What gear do I need ? 

You will need specific gear such as a harness, a helmet, an ice axe, crampons, a rope, ... Mountaineering gear is essential to enable you to progress safely high up. If you don't have your own gear, we rent it out. We can provide you with good quality gear, that is well looked after and delivered on site. Just lay back and relax !

It's serious stuff but we do have fun !

We are professional and we organise mountaineering training courses as if our life hangs on it (we're off course exagerating just a little) ! We have everything sorted for you to have a unique and incredible time and experience. Prices and conditions are all detailed, there are no last minute surprises (booking fees or cancellation due to insufficient participants, ...).

We above all wish to share our passion and experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Our guides are really cool and highly contribute to this ambiance, they've been chosen accordingly. We want you to have a great time, lots of fun, share scrumptuous meals in typical local hideouts in the mountains.

Let yourself be guided by our selection of mountaineering trips, leave your stress back in your office, send your kids to camp and book one of our fabulous trips !


A group of friends, family or even a company ?

You wish to customize one of our trips, do a trip among yourselves at your convenience ? 

Contact us so we can tailorize a great adventure together. Our trips are home made and we can easily adapt them.