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Mountain Biking 🚵‍♀️ - Azimut Ski Bike Mountain - www.azimut.ski

Mountain Biking 🚵‍♀️

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What's mountain biking Azimut-style ?

There are quite a few different types of mountain biking disciplines. All mountain, cross country, downhill, freeride, enduro, trial... as many kinds as different types of mountain bikes. Indeed, it's easy to get lost. At Azimut we've decided to focus on disciplines that are most fun and most suitable for our mountains.

Mountain biking is demanding and requires some effort, it's physical but also full of adrenaline and lot's of fun to share ! We offer 3 kinds of mountain biking trips: enduro, all mountain and raids.

Enduro is all about downhill and requires less effort than the other disciplines. We get uphill either using minibus or by cable car and make the most of the descent ! According to your skills, you'll have at most 1/3 uphill to cope with, and minimum 2/3 downhill, whilst some days may be 100 % downhill when we use cable cars to get up the top of the mountain.

If you love descents but also enjoy uphill climbing and are eager to see the countryside (and you are also a little eco-friendly), then you will most probably enjoy all mountain trips. We aim to make a tour of the mountain ranges around the locations where we stay overnight, either on an all mountain bike or on a cross-country mountain bike (the first being more suitable for downhil).

We've also thought of your poor little legs and offer e-bike trips and adventures, with as many hills to climb as to descend with electric pedal assistance so we can go a lot further with less effort. It's a good compromise between enduro and all mountain: we reach summits faster, are less exhausted and make the most of downhills and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

For mountain biking purists and uphill maniacs, or simply adventurers crazy about nature: our raids and traverses are made for you. The panorama passes by whilst our legs keep on turning, we save energy on uphills to have fun on downhill single trails. The key words are: unlimited biking pleasure, endurance, adventure and having fun together !

Electric assistance versions also exist for our raids and traverses !

We're also setting up enduro versions: how about crossing the Alps whilst just focusing on downhills ?

Whatsover, we're here for the adrenaline but also for a bit of challenge, great downhills, and  stunning landscapes to discover as well as our secret spots.


Where are we heading for ?

We will reveal you epic trails that we have especially tested for you. We offer trips in the Ecrins, the Queyras, the Briançon area, the Vercors but also first rate mountain biking destinations such as Finale Ligure, Val Maira and the Dolomites. These places all offer awesome single trails and paths in unique natural settings !


Serious things in a great atmosphere !

As professionals we offer trips with a tip-top organisation in a lively atmosphere. 

So if you love to ride, have heaps of fun, stay in quaint places, good food, and simply enjoy yourselves, then just come to the meeting point, we'll take care of the rest: transportation, gear and so on. Our guides love mountain biking and definitely know how to share their passion whatever your level may be.


A group of friends, family or even a company ?

You wish to customize one of our trips, do a trip among yourselves at your convenience ? 

Contact us so we can tailorize a great adventure together. Our trips are home made and we can easily adapt them.